The Club Rapid Championship menu above ("Rapid Ch") contains links to the event overview, and these Vega Tournament Pages for pairings. View Entries and, in due course, Pairings and Results, via the menu below. When the tournament is in progress, select Pairings, then the round number. Always Ctrl+refresh to see latest information. Time Control: G20+10. R1-3 on 5 Apr, R4-6 on 12 Apr. The column headed "Title" indicates the rounds each player has entered.

Players during the tournament: when your game is finished, the winner, or White in the event of a draw, should report the result to the Controller. Players should otherwise stay at their board or adjourn to downstairs lounge or outside, until called for next round. Do not mingle in the playing rooms. Maintain social distancing. Respect others' space. Sanitise on entry and exit. Column "Origin" shows the source of ech player's rating.