Data Protection

Data Protection – Memberships and Competitive Chess

You can find out about how Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club (“the Club”) processes your personal information in respect of your membership and the Club’s chess internal and external chess activities in our Privacy Notice.

The Club is committed to processing personal information lawfully, fairly and transparently by authorised people in a secure way. In doing so the Club ensures that it is collected and processed for specific purposes, is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary to run the Club and its chess activities, is accurate and up-to-date and is kept for no longer than is necessary.

Individual members of the Club and parents and guardians of our junior members or those enrolled with our junior coaching programme must assist in this process by ensuring that the personal information the Club holds, such as contact telephone numbers, postal addresses and e-mail addresses is always current.


Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club

The Club collects and uses your personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The legal basis for processing this data is the Club’s legitimate interest as a chess club . The Club uses the data for the administration of your Club membership and associated memberships (see below), the communication of information and the organisation of teams and events.

 Downloads: Membership Form | Privacy Notice | Pre-season Circular

Wanstead House Community Association (“WHCA”)

Adult members of the Club automatically become members of WHCA. This is a condition of the Club’s hire of the premises. WHCA communicates with its members through posted notices in the House and through its constituent bodies, which the Club is one of.

 WHCA Downloads: Privacy Notice

English Chess Federation (“ECF”)

Membership of the national Federation is included within the Club’s membership subscription. A discount equating to the costs of an adult bronze or junior silver membership is available for those members who already have a corresponding current adult or junior ECF membership when taking out or renewing their Club memberships. Membership of the ECF is essential for all of our competitive chess activities other than speed chess. See below.

 ECF Downloads: Privacy Notice

 Essex Chess Association (“ECA”)

The Club is a member of the Essex Chess Association, which promotes and runs chess events in Essex, both for teams and for individuals. It also enters representative teams in regional and national competitions (County Chess). Membership of the ECA and of the ECF is required to participate in the Essex League.

 ECA Downloads: Privacy Notice

Competitive Chess

Events organised by the Essex Chess Association

The Essex Chess Association has adopted Conditions of Entry for all of its chess activities which include the use of personal data it collects and processes for its own purposes and for those of others.

These apply to members who play in any of the Club’s teams in the Essex League, the summer rapid Essex Knockout and the Essex Team Blitz.

 Essex Chess Association Downloads: Conditions of Entry | ECF data processing

These documents are consistent with the Conditions of Entry which the Southern Counties Chess Union applies to its zonal stage of the County Championships, in which all of our members can represent Essex if selected, and to its other competitions.

 Southern Counties Chess Union Downloads: Privacy Policy | Conditions of Entry to Competitions | Note on Processing of ECF Data

Other team events

The Club also enters teams in London League and North Circular League events. These leagues differ from the leagues run by the Essex Chess Association in that membership is restricted to participating clubs. However there are registration requirements for player eligibility and their competition rules require results to be submitted for grading to the ECF. From time to time we may also enter teams in regional or national competitions, which are also likely to submit results for grading. The notes on ECF data processing above explain the data required and its use in this process.

The North Circular League requires participating players to be ECF members. The league’s Privacy Notice is in a similar form to that of the Essex Chess Association.

The London League’s Privacy Notice is restricted to the operation of its website based league management system and the use of data through this portal. Consequently it is more technical in presentation.

If you object to the use of your personal data for the purposes of registration, grading and results publication, then regrettably participating in these Leagues and our other occasional team competitions will not be possible.

 Downloads: London League Privacy Notice | NCCL Privacy Notice

Club Championship, U126 Ladder Tournament and Rapid Championship

The competition rules for these events require the results to be submitted to the English Chess Federation for grading. The Club does this through the Tournament Secretary and local graders, approved by the Federation. The notes on ECF data processing above explain the data required and its use in this process.

From time to time the Club may run other graded competitions. This will be made clear in the entry information.

If you object to the use of your personal data for these events and grading, then regrettably participating in these club competitions will not be possible.