Junior ECF Online Rapid Rated Competitions

The Club’s Playing of Chess Online Policy (see Corporate Menu below) applies to all our junior online events.

For ECF Online Rated competitions players must adhere to the ECF Fair Play Policy.

Junior 4NCL

The Wanstead Warriors’ squad of eight joined the second season of this four-board team league in the fourth round of competition in Division 4. For season 3 two teams started the season in Divisions 4 and 5 respectively with a third team joining in the second round, also playing in Division 5. By the end of season 3, the squad had grown to 18. Matches were played on alternate Thursday evenings at 6 pm by way of individual challenges on the lichess.org platform for each board. The opposition was not revealed until 5pm on match date, with the Swiss pairings for the lowest Division (4 in season 2 and 5 in season 3) announced on the preceding Monday.  Higher Divisions were split into 4 groups of 8 with the winners of each group playing-off for the title. Each player played two lichess-rated standard games against the same opponent, the second with colours reversed. For each game a player had 10 minutes + 5 seconds increment for each move made (G10+5). Captained by Calendau, aka Ben Harte. 

Season 4 is scheduled to start on 19th August 2021.

Downloads: Rules | Fair Play Guidelines | Disconnect Guidance | How to use lichess


Links to the divisional tables

Season 2 – Division 4
Season 3 –  Division 4 (Warriors 1)
Season 3 –  Division 5 (Warriors 2 & 3) 

Links to the detailed match cards for each round.

Season 2
01 Oct Round 4 Eden Primary Knights 3–4 Wanstead Warriors
15 Oct Round 5 Wanstead Warriors 8–0 Eden Primary Bishops
29 Oct Round 6 Wanstead Warriors 5½–2½ May the Fork Be With You 6
12 Nov Round 7 May The Fork Be With You 4 4-3½ Wanstead Warriors

Season 3
21 Jan Round 1  Wanstead Warriors 1 5½–2½ Barnet Knights C
21 Jan Round 1  Wimbledon Juniors B 3½–4½  Wanstead Warriors 2
04 Feb Round 2  Wanstead Warriors 1 1½–6½ Farnham Fantasticos
04 Feb Round 2  Wanstead Warriors 2 4½–3½ King Edwards Grammar School C
04 Feb Round 2  Surrey Kings 4 2-6 Wanstead Warriors 3
18 Feb Round 3  Edgware Gambits D  3-5 Wanstead Warriors 1
18 Feb Round 3  Berkshire Bishops 7-1 Wanstead Warriors 2
18 Feb Round 3  Wanstead Warriors 3 4–1½ Maidenhead Juniors 7
04 Mar Round 4  Wanstead Warriors 1 2–6 Manchester Juniors D
04 Mar Round 4   Wanstead Warriors 2 4–4 Chess Challengers C
04 Mar Round 4 Maidenhead Juniors 3  5-3  Wanstead Warriors 3
18 Mar Round 5  Muswell Hill Knights 2-6 Wanstead Warriors 1
18 Mar Round 5  Maidenhead Juniors 5  6½––1½ Wanstead Warriors 2
18 Mar Round 5  Wanstead Warriors 3  5–3 Barnet Knights G
01 Apr Round 6  Wanstead Warriors 1 5½–2½ Tetherdown Bishops
01 Apr Round 6  Wanstead Warriors 2 6-2 JHJ Shark Tank 8
01 Apr Round 6  Chess Challengers B  6-2 Wanstead Warriors 3
15 Apr Round 7 Leeds Juniors 7-1 Wanstead Warriors 1
15 Apr Round 7 Wanstead Warriors 2  6-2 Chess Challengers E
15 Apr Round 7 Wanstead Warriors 3  7-1 Surrey Kings 3

Warriors Rapid Battles

Played on match-days, mostly during season 2, under the same conditions as the J4NCL matches, by those squad members not playing in the match and by others by arrangement with the Controller, WWJammyDodger, aka Mark Murrell. Each challenge comprises two games each with a G10+5 time control (as above). The aim is to reach the top of the leader board and stay there.

Leader Board | Individual results by date played | Rules

Warriors Swiss Rapids

Played on match-days during season 3, under the same conditions as the J4NCL matches, by those squad members not playing in the match with occasional guest appearances from Club members at the invitation of  the Controller, WWJammyDodger, aka Mark Murrell. Mostly played with a G9+2 time control to fit three games into the hour. Each game was arranged by individual challenges with pairings accessible through VEGA tournament pages and the ECF LMS; training for Club and Essex tournaments.

Tournaments:  21 Jan | 18 Feb | 04 Mar (not ECF rated) | 18 Mar

Warriors All-Play-All

Thirteen Junior ECF members signed up to this all-play-all double round rapid competition, also played at rate of G10+5, between October 2020 and January 2021; each round being scheduled for a non-match Thursday evening at 6pm. The fortnightly schedule allowed those that could not play at the given time to rearrange. All games were completed over the 26 rounds (13 weeks). Book prizes were awarded.

Warriors Rapid Champion: Nandi Korossy [23]

Runner Up: Jay Demetriou [20½]

Third Place: Duc Ta (aka Tin Tin) [19½]

Downloads:  Tournament Pages | Rules

Tie breaks: direct encounter between the players concerned and then most wins.

Notes on navigating the VEGA tournament pages 

The above link will take you to a list of the players. Click on the ‘Pairings’ button to get to the list of games for each round. There is a blue button for each Round; click the round number to see the games for that round. Other links: under TablesSchedule will show all the pairings for the whole event, with scores shown for games which have been played; Cross table by score will list all players in current standing order, with their result in each round.

If a mobile device is used to view the Tournament Pages you will need to use a browser in “private” or “incognito” mode to ensure that the latest content appears rather than the cached content from your last visit.

If using a personal computer, you will need to execute a hard browser refresh of the particular page in view by pressing the refresh button whilst holding down the Ctrl key or using the Ctrl + R or Ctrl + F5 shortcuts.

Platform-only Rated Junior Competitions

Lichess Arenas

During the cessations of meetings at Wanstead House, the junior club met online each Tuesday. After some experimentation with other sites and formats, in the spring of 2020 the juniors settled into a series of 2 hour and 90 minute Arenas on the lichess.org platform, each named after a notable River, with a core time of 7 minutes plus an increment. Available players are paired as games finish. The most points scored in the time allotted determines the podium placings. Bonus points can also apply for jettisoning increments and half your core time and for more than 2 wins in a row.

Prior to competitive ECF online rated events on a Thursday evening, the more advanced cohort engaged with members of the Club rated below 110 (over-the-board) in 90 minute Tree Arenas on a Wednesday night.

With the formation of the Warriors lichess online club to enable competition with other junior teams, the Tuesday Rivers Arenas have been hosted there since December 2020.

Lichess Team Battles

Competitive play against other Junior teams began with a challenge match with juniors from Aix-en-Provence coinciding with the inter Club Team Battles whilst our friends in Aix were locked down in France. A Team Battle adopts the Arena format but pairings are against opponents from the competing team(s).

17 Nov 2020 ERR Wanstead Young Cup R1 Team Battle – a class act from Aix!

24 Jan  2021 3rd Chess4All Juniors Team Battle – 3rd place on debut; Champ Nandi!

28 Feb 2021  4th Chess4All Junior Team Battle – 2nd place

16 Mar 2021 Six-Way Shootout Team Battle – second only to the Suffolk county team

13 Apr 2021Essex and Suffolk Juniors Team Battle – Champions!! 

During season 3 of the J4NCL, Surbiton Junior Chess Club organised fortnightly Team Battles for J4NCL participating teams in between the J4NCL matches. A popular event expanding quickly to 4 Divisions, the upper Divisions each having 10 teams, with promotion and relegation after each Battle. The Warriors divided into Teams A and B starting in Divisions 2 and 3 respectively, with the J4NCL squad joined by the rest of the Warriors from the Rivers Arenas. A rollercoaster of a tournament.

Division 1

22 Apr: Team A: lichess.org/tournament/jrsm0Uxg

Division 2

11 Feb: Team A: lichess.org/tournament/AuXtWPtJ – relegated
08 Apr: Teams A and B: lichess.org/tournament/gYfrg72j – A’s win the Division!
22 Apr: Team B: lichess.org/tournament/hwK2e0jL

Division 3

11 Feb: Team B: lichess.org/tournament/UBQsAnxH
25 Feb: Teams A & B:lichess.org/tournament/YlwfY226 – 1 point separates As and Bs
11 Mar: Teams A & B:lichess.org/tournament/1tdeLK85 – As relegated by Bs but spared
25 Mar: Teams A & B:lichess.org/tournament/eiQZjJ7Z – 2nd and 3rd; both promoted.