Junior ECF Online Rapid Rated Competitions

The Club’s Playing of Chess Online Policy (see Corporate Menu below) applies to all our junior online events.

For ECF Online Rated competitions players must adhere to the ECF Fair Play Policy.

Junior 4NCL

The Wanstead Warriors’ squad of eight joined the second season of this four-board team league in the fourth round of competition. Matches are played on alternate Thursday evenings at 6 pm by way of individual challenges on the lichess.org platform for each board. Each player plays two lichess-rated standard games against the same opponent, the second with colours reversed. For each game a player has 10 minutes + 5 seconds increment for each move made (G10+5). Captained by Calendau, aka Ben Harte. Match dates: 6pm on Thursdays 1st, 15th and 29th October and 12th November.

The draw for each round is announced on the preceding Monday and the opposition revealed at 5 pm on match day.

Downloads: Rules | Fair Play Guidelines | Disconnect Guidance |How to use lichess


Links to the detailed match cards for each round.

01 Oct Round 4 Eden Primary Knights 3–4 Wanstead Warriors
15 Oct Round 5 Wanstead Warriors 8–0 Eden Primary Bishops
29 Oct Round 6 Wanstead Warriors 5½–2½ May the Fork Be With You 6
12 Nov Round 7 May The Fork Be With You 4 4-3½ Wanstead Warriors

All good practice for our entry in Season 3, which will start on 21st January 2021.

Warriors Rapid Battles

Played on match-days, under the same conditions as the J4NCL matches, by those squad members not playing in the match and by others by arrangement with the Controller, WWJammyDodger, aka Mark Murrell. Each challenge comprises two games each with a G10+5 time control (as above). The aim is to reach the top of the leader board and stay there.

Leader Board | Individual results by date played | Rules

Warriors All-Play-All

Thirteen Junior ECF members have signed up to this all-play-all double round rapid competition, played at rate of G10+5 too, between October and January. Each round is scheduled for a non-match Thursday evening at 6pm. Those that cannot play at this time can arrange to play at a different time or date. There is room in the schedule for a single late entrant to replace the Bye.

Tournament Pages – This link will take you to a list of the players. Click on the ‘Pairings’ button to get to the list of games for each round. There is a blue Round number button for each round; click the round number to see the games for that round. Other links: under TablesSchedule will show all the pairings for the whole event, with scores shown for games which have been played; Cross table by score will list all players in current standing order, with their result in each round.

If a mobile device is used to view the Tournament Pages you will need to use a browser in “private” or “incognito” mode to ensure that the latest content appears rather than the cached content from your last visit.

If using a personal computer, you will need to execute a hard browser refresh of the particular page in view by pressing the refresh button whilst holding down the Ctrl key or using the Ctrl + R or Ctrl + F5 shortcuts.

The stated grades are social ones and taken from the players’ lichess rapid ratings as at 1st October.

The player with the most points will be the Warriors’ Rapid Champion. First tie-break is the direct encounter between the players and the second tie-break is the most wins.

Download: Rules

Interactive pairing cards with username profile links will be circulated by the Controller, Mark Murrell (WWJammyDodger on lichess), for the first of the two rounds (R) of any given week (W) along with contact details where the games need to be rearranged (i.e. where “Change” is shown against at least one of the players in the tournament pages pairings).

Default round dates (which can be varied by agreement): W1 8 Oct (R1 & 2); W2 22 Oct (R3 & 4); W3 5 Nov (R5 & 6); W4 19 Nov (R7 & 8); W5 26 Nov (R9 & 10); W6 3 Dec (R11 & 12); W7 10 Dec (R13 & 14); W8 17 Dec (R15 & 16); W9 24 Dec (R17 & 18); W10 31 Dec (R19 & 20); W11 7 Jan (R21 & 22); W12 14 Jan (R23 & 24); W13 28 Jan (R25 & 26).

Platform-only Rated Competition

We will continue to hold moderated Arena battles from time to time on the lichess.org platform which will be lichess rated (but not ECF online rated). Some events will include some of the Club’s adult players to provide a more varied competition.