League of Mayhem D1 – Team 1

A couple of teams have withdrawn from the competition and the fixture list for the remainder of Division 1 has been re-drawn.



Team White on odds


Team Black on odds



Wanstead Wanderers


St George’s Dragons



Hackney Hungry Withdrawn


Wanstead Wanderers Result excised



Charlton Chess Addicks


Wanstead Wanderers


29 Oct

East Ham Dragonglass


Wanstead Wanderers



Wanstead Wanderers





Wanstead Wanderers




Ilford Kings


Wanstead Wanderers

8 7-Jan
Wanstead Wanderers Bye
9 14-Jan Imperial College Wanstead Wanderers
10 28-Jan HMC 1 Wanstead Wanderers
11 4-Feb Wanstead Wanderers East Ham Foxgloves
12 11-Feb Wanstead Wanderers Chingford Bunnies
13 25-Feb Railsport Wanstead Wanderers
11 Mar Wanstead Wanderers
Kings Head

Played 8 October, Wanderers White on odds.

  Wanstead Wanderers v St George’s Dragons
1 John Hodgson 2103 (W) 1-0 Tim Pelling 2118 (B)
2 Ashley Freeman 1975e 1-0 James McDonnell 1885
3 Keith Jones 1840 ½-½ Cecil Sload 1720
4 Peter McCarron 1735 1-0 Roger Clarkson 1360

Games given below. Look out for the amusing finish in John Hodgson’s game. In the final position, Black can only move his pawns, unless he gives up the knight, while White plays h4, g5 and g6 and gives mate with Rh7# (White’s king can intervene when the Black central pawns advance).

Played 15 October 2020

  Hackney Hungry v Wanstead Wanderers
1 FM Bob Eames 2268A (W) 1-0 John Hodgson 2103C (B)
2 Tobias Baumann 2005B 0-1 Ashley Freeman 1975e
3 Paul Conway 1855C 1-0 Ian Hunnable 1968A
4 Kingsley Evans 1525E 1-0 Michael Buckingham 1525B

Not one of our “finest hours”! Save for Ashley’s fine win, the other games all got away. Ian and Michael blundered in level positions, John lost from a potentially winning position (42 h4!) though a technically difficult ending.

Played 22 October 2020

  Charlton Chess Addicks v Wanstead Wanderers
1 FM Tony Stebbings  2260E (W) 1-0 John Hodgson 2103C (B)
2 Dan Mayer u 0-1 Ashley Freeman 1975e
3 David Morris 1915C 1-0 Mark Murrell 1855A
4 Oleg Verbytski 1232A (r) 0-1 Peter McCarron 1738C

All games won by White.

(Tell me the name of the opposing team is deliberate and not because someone can’t spell ‘addicts’. Like ‘asterix’ instead of asterisk; and ‘pronounciation’ instead of pronunciation; and saying ‘deteriate’ instead of deteriorate.)

Played 29 October 2020

  East Ham Dragonglass v Wanstead Wanderers
1 uselesswebsite 2118 (W) ½-½ John Hodgson 2103 (B)
2 Torrentius 1930 0-1 Ashley Freeman 1975e
3 Glockinvar 1683 ½-½ Keith Jones 1840
4 maani30 0-1 Peter McCarron 1735

John was gifted the point after only 9 moves when his opponent was flagged for a fair play violation during play, but not for this game; John sportingly insisted the result from tonight’s game be recorded as a draw.

Ashley’s game had a lively opening from the French McCutcheon variation and an exciting time-scramble finish, but in between, with the position cut in two with a double pawn chain through the centre, a long period of cramped manoeuvres resulted for both players. After-game analysis shows that Ashley’s “winning” combination was unsound, but Black was unable to find the correct defence in time-shortage.

Keith Jones played out a draw while Peter MacCarron was gifted a pawn in the opening and took it through to the full point from a rook and pawn ending.

Played 12 November 2020

  Wanstead Wanderers v HMC2
1 John Hodgson 2103 (W) 1-0 amynstor 2028
2 Ashley Freeman 1975e ½-½ Polomoche 2013
3 Joneski 1840 ½-½ Arcturus73 1833
4 Peter McCarron 1735 1-0 John142857 1743

The Wanderers had a Bye this week. No games.

  Ilford Kings v Wanstead Wanderers
1 Tom Barton 1908 (W) 0-1 John Hodgson 2103 (B)
2 Venkatesh Subramanian 1818 0-1 Ian Hunnable 1968
3 Anthony Kent 1750 ½-½ Mark Murrell 1855
4 Jef Page 1630 0-1 Matthias Lataille 1578

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