Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 2023-24

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2023-24 Events

Click on each current or past event for its tournament pages and full pairings and results. (These links will be prepared only when entries have been invited for each successive event, so future events are not yet linked.)

Latest Grand Prix scores and standings are given further down this page.
HBGP 124 October 2023
HBGP 25 December 2023
HBGP 36 February 2024
HBGP 45 March 2024
HBGP 5 – 7 May 2024

Click the above link(s) for the Tournament pages. In each tournament, the figure in the columns headed “Origin” give each player’s rating group for the purposes of the time Handicap (see Rules).

The following are the rating bands now translated to 4-digit ratings:

0 – 2151+
1 – 2001-2150
2 – 1851-2000
3 – 1701-1850
4 – 1551-1700
5 – 1401-1550
6 – 1400 and below

Grand Prix Scores and current standings (sorted after each event) appear below.

Each event is 7 rounds.

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Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 2023-24 current standings

1Spearman, David15.
2Diniz Afonso, Davi3553.55.519.04
3GopiKrishna, Ashwin6436417.04
4De Bok, Erik3354517.04
5Murrell, Mark2344.5516.54
6Staniland, Philip23.55.54316.04
7Whitton, Terry24.53.543.515.54
8Barclay, Paul342.54.53.514.54
9Walsh, James6333413.04
10Dohon, Almas5442313.04
11Qureshi, Zain6543.512.53
12Lataille, Matthias43.55311.53
13Freeman, Ashley24.54311.53
14Wilson, Michael4333.5211.54
15Merdinian, Albert65510.02
16Karacsony, Istvan34.55.510.02
17Colclough, Ryan434310.03
18Nickals, Peter44318.03
19Hunnable, Ian22.5221.58.04
20Jacob, Huw634.57.52
21Smith, David54.537.52
22Narula, Reyaansh62327.03
23Gill, Oliver166.01
24Hutcheson, Ivan53.52.56.02
25Zoe Veselow555.01
26O’Regan, Fin602.5114.54
27Cawdery, John144.01
28Jestico, John5134.02
29Sanger, Jagdeep621014.04
30Bedi, Adarsh633.01
31Raikundalia, Krishna533.01
32Meadows, Pete433.01
33Senan TU433.01
34Horton, Daniel6123.02
35Kmiecik, Jakub62.52.51
36Sharman, Jay411.01
37Collins, Toby600.01
38Higgins, Noah600.01
39Lucy, Terry600.01
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