Gladiators Arena Blitz

Chess in the Hall on Tuesday, 15 February

This Tuesday the Club once again takes over the Hall for its evening activity. The main  event is our first “Arena” tournament taking full advantage of the extra space that the Hall provides. For those who do not fancy this blitz with a twist, you can opt for other forms of social/competitive chess assuming there are others of like mind.

Completion of the ATTENDANCE FORM is required this week (as there is a lot to manage) and as usual it doubles as your entry to the tournament.

Gladiators Arena Blitz – a WWCC first

A series of games played at all moves in 6 minutes plus 2 second increments from the start (G6/2).  Either player can forfeit time (increments and half the core time – i.e., all moves in 3 minutes G3/0) for a result bonus point – going “Berserk”. This has to be declared to the Controller as soon as you have been paired with your opponent and before you collect the clock from the Clock Station.  Ratings will be announced with the pairing to help you decide and may be on display too.

Register for the tournament at 7:30 pm (in addition to the attendance form), which will ensure a similar rated first round opponent. Those registered by 7:40pm will be paired initially and seated, with a start time of 7:45 pm after announcements. Late joiners will be permitted once players become available from the opening set of games.

The aim is to amass as many points as possible before the end of session guillotine (10:15 pm or thereabouts). A countdown will be announced from time to time.

Parings will be made by the Controller according to rating (current ECF OTB Rapid in the first instance), points amassed, time waiting and players available to be paired.   Repeat pairings are permissible but will be avoided in the early rounds where feasible.  First named player has the white pieces.

To claim a scoring result, you must STOP the clock by pressing the middle button (do not reset) so that the Scorer can see a Black Flag (loss on time) or the time remaining/move count (to assess the award of a score draw) and present the Clock at game end to the Scorer.

Results (after resetting the board BUT NOT THE CLOCK) must be reported straight away (with your clock) by both players together (essential to claim a score draw) to the Scorer (indicating any Berserk status) and only then return the clock to the Clock Station. Players should return to the pairing area when ready for your next game.

To be paired for the next round wait in the Controller’s pairing area. Only players in the pairing area will be paired.

Once registered for the tournament you can take breaks as you please, making use of the House café/bar as you wish. If going home early please report this to the Controller so we know who is still on site (a House H&S requirement).

Laws of Chess apply (as applicable to Blitz chess) including touch move. An illegal move loses but as a covid adjustment you may use an upturned Rook as a Queen (after pawn promotion). Only a black flag will be definitive for a loss on time (provided there is sufficient material to checkmate by any series of legal moves).


You only score points in three ways:

  1. Win
  2. Score Draw where the draw is the first in a series of draws/losses (“draw streak”)
  3. Score Draw after a well progressed game resulting in a longish draw occurring among a series of draws/losses (“draw streak”) at the discretion of the Scorer.  In other words,  a longish game that was well advanced representing a genuine battle.  If we can display a move count this will be set at 30 moves otherwise discretionary having regard to time remaining. NB a player’s draw streak is reset only by a win.

Two points for a win,  three points for a berserk win

One point for a score draw, two points for a berserk score draw

No points for a loss or a no score draw (all other draws).

Depending on the make up of entries the Controller may decide to apply “Win Streak” bonuses. After a second consecutive win, the scores of your following games are doubled until the streak is broken by not winning. For example: win, win, score draw would score 2, 2, (1 x 2) and the streak resets; and win, win, win, loss would score 2, 2, (2 x 2) and the streak resets, 0; and win, win, win, win, loss would score (2, 2, (2×2), (2×2), 0 and the streak resets.  It will be announced at the start if Win Streak applies.


These must be placed to black’s right, so the Controller can see and the Scorer knows who to give Berserk bonuses to.

6.02 v 6.02 display is white v black – normal scoring and 2 second increments both players

6.02 v 3.00 display is white normal v black Berserk & only white with 2 second increment

3.00 v 6.02 display is white Berserk v black normal & only black with 2 second increment

3.00 v 3.00  display is white v black – both berserk and no increments