Club Championship 2020-21

2019-2020 Champion – David Spearman

A contest over 5 rounds with Swiss based pairings in a single section. The FIDE Laws of Chess shall apply as modified by the ECF Tournament Rules for rated over-the-board chess where social distancing applies.

The Club Championship is taking place in the Boaden Hall at the rear of Wanstead House to accommodate as many members as possible and spacious one-boarded chess.

You can find Championship Games further down this page.

Download: WWCC 2020 21 Club Championship Rules

To enter, email the Tournament Secretary, using the Contact Form

Participants will also need to submit the usual Attendance Form

Club Championship 2020-21 Schedule

Date Round Venue
Tuesday 29 June 2021 7.30 pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 1 Hall, G80+10 incremental
Tuesday 20 July 7:30 pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 2 Hall, G80+10 incremental
Tuesday 27 July 7:30 pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 3 Hall, G80+10 incremental
Tuesday 17 August 7:30 pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 4 Hall, G80+10 incremental
Tuesday 31 August 7:30 pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 5 Hall, G80+10 incremental

Link: Vega Tournament pages

Being a summer tournament, it is recognised that members may not be able to commit to all of the rounds given the holiday season (and other good reasons), whilst some of you may prefer to wait for Stage 4 to be reached. If declared in advance a half-point bye will be available at the discretion of the controller in any round (up to a maximum of two) save for the last round (see rules linked above). Our aim is to provide proper rated chess at a league time control for as many of our members as possible.

For similar reasons, the default time control will be an incremental one (G80+10) though players can agree to play two sessions (adjourning after three hours play and concluding before the next round) if notified to the Controller prior to attendance. Formal entry is required even if a bye is sought in the first round. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary.

The Prizes

  • Championship Trophy to hold for 1 year, winners plaque and the right to play on Board 1 for the Club in team matches;
  • Placement prizes according to entry;
  • Rating limited section prizes according to entry;
  • All entry-fees are returnable as prizes.

The Rules

The Club Championship rules have been modified (see link above) for this covid-19 affected tournament in limited time and incorporate the ECF Tournament Rules for over-the-board rated chess to allow for two-boarded chess where a social distancing applies and any player is more comfortable using a separate board with the accompanying extra distancing.

Championship Games