4NCL Online RA2

4NCL Online employs the Swiss pairing system. Pairings are published shortly before the Round date in questions, with team lists published one hour before the due start time for the games.

Odd scores can crop up – e.g. RA1 Round 3 – usually caused by application of penalty points. e.g. a defaulted game apart from the score as a win for the opponent, also attracts a half-point penalty.

Team: Redbridge All Sorts 2, which entered the competition at Round 3
Team Captain: Peter Nickals
Organiser’s website: 4NCL
Platform: lichess.org
Start time: 19:30

This page lists the Pairings and Results for Team RA2. Click on the tabs above for individual match details and games.

Round Date 2020 Team White on odds v Team Black on odds
3 22 Sep War & Peace 2 ½-3½ RA2
4 6 Oct RA2 2-2 Lerryn Clowns
5 20 Oct Celtic Tiger Cubs 1-3 RA2
6 3 Nov RA2 2½-1½ Barnet Knights C
7 17 Nov Welwyn Hatfield 3½-½ RA2

The first matches in a new venture, so far as Club members are concerned, were played this evening, 22 Sep, in 4NCL Online, where teams are four boards, playing on the lichess.org platform. Here, teamraising has been widened beyond the Club and two teams are playing under the guise of Redbridge All Sorts (“RA1” and “RA2”). These teams joined 4NCL Season 2 in Division 6 (where new teams must start) at Round 3, so have no illusions about catching teams who have a two rounds start.

RA2 played a team going under the name War and Peace 2. Here, RA2 won by 3½-½.

Games below the table.

  War & Peace 2 v Redbridge All Sorts 2
1 Chas Chapman 1592e 0-1 Jack Sheard 1855e
2 Jacob Thomas 1457u 0-1 Nandi Korossi 1817u
3 Stephen O’Neill 1457 ½-½ Colin Newton 1742e
4 Jimmy Blair 1420c 0-1 Michael Wilson 1675c
  Penalties 0-0  

  Redbridge All Sorts 2 v Lerryn Clowns
1 John Keehner 1667c 0-1 Andy Young 1472c
2 Mae Catabay 1525e 1-0 Simon Jenkins 1472u
3 Nigel White 1442e 1-0 Steven Knight 1495c
4 Peter Toogood 1262c 0-1 Mark Reid 1360c
  Penalties 0-0  

Played 20 October 2020

  Celtic Tiger Cubs v Redbridge All Sorts 2
1 Robin Safras 1660u (W) 0-1 Charukgan Muhunthan 1840e (B)
2 Kenneth Kwabiah 1540c 1-0 Colin Newton 1742e
3 Benjamin Portheault 1486 0-1 Michael Wilson 1675c
4 Nadim Osseiran 1135c 0-1 Jay Sharman 1607c

RA2 replicated the scores of RA1 (or t’other way around), losing on two and winning the other three.

Colin’s loss looks like a tragic mouse-slip with at least a perpetual check in prospect; in the act of repeating moves with Qc8+, his Queen dropped onto d7, where it was captured by a bishop. Charukgan won well. Michael Wilson’s game is entertaining; look out for his 5-move operation to castle K-side, having played …Kd7 (for no apparent reason, other than possibly another mouse-slip). Update Mike confirms …Kd7 was unintended. He was actually trying to play …Nd7, using a touch screen; perhaps his fingertip brushed the screen as it passed over the king and made the unintended move. Got a bit hairy after that, but he came through with the right result.

Played 3 November 2020

  RA2 v Barnet Knights C
1 Michael Wilson 1675c (W) ½-½ Kameron Grose 1630c (B)
2 John Keehner 1667c 1-0 Tim Gardner 1600u
3 Mae Catabay 1525e 1-0 Nicos Angelopoulos 1622e
4 Nigel White 1442e 0-1 Andreas Angelopoulos 1540e

  Welwyn Hatfield v RA2
1 Ross Brennan 2027c 1-0 Michael Wilson 1675c
2 Andrew Roderick 1787c 1-0 John Keehner 1667
3 David White 1810c 1-0 Jay Sharman 1607c
4 Kidge Elder 1615 ½-½ Nigel White 1442e

Peter Nickals: “Our second team only managed to draw on bottom board against this strong team so we end our season with a heavy defeat 3½-½, but finished a very respectable 34th out of 68 teams in this division.”

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