Club Championship 2022-23

Defending Champion: John Cawdery

The Club Championship has been competed for every season since 1945-46. Even covid-19 could not break the sequence as we managed a 5-round tournament in July/August 2021 to keep the run going. There are links to the Rules and a list of previous winners at the foot of this page.

How to enter Email to the Tournament Secretary, Mark Murrell. Use the Contact form from the main menu above and select ‘Tournament Secretary’ as the Officer to contact.


Pairing: Swiss pairing

Rounds: 7 Rounds

Time control: The default time control is G80+10.
Two alternative time controls may be used, on the agreement of both players:
a) 30 moves in 1¼ hours plus 15 minute Quickplay Finish.
b) 36 moves in 1½ hours, followed by 24 moves per hour until the end of the game. Games unfinished at the end of any session shall be adjourned, with the player to move sealing their next move, and be resumed at a later date.
See Rule 1

Rating: ECF standard play rating

Schedule of Rounds

R1 – 27 September

R2 – 18 October

R3 – 15 November

R4 – 3 January

R5 – 21 February

R6 – 21 March

R7 – 16 May

Link: Club Championship Rules | Club Championship History | Vega Tournament pages

The results will also be entered on the ECF League Management System (“LMS”) for the purposes of ECF rating. Players may check their results, when entered, via the following links:

ECF LMS links: All Rounds selector