Club Online Rapid Championship

Sixteen players entered the Online version of the Club Rapid Championship, 17 when Controller Mark Murrell stood in after David Smith withdrew after two rounds. The tournament was played at G20+10 over three evenings, 10 and 24 November and 1 December.

In the first two rounds three players won both games, David Spearman, Peter McCarron and Ian Hunnable. Thereafter, David one by one disposed of all his challengers, leaving all in his wake: Ian Hunnable in Round 3, John Hodgson in Round 4, Mark Murrell in Round 5, before conceding a draw to Alex Collyer in Round 6.

David won at a canter, reaching a winning margin with a round to spare. His only concession, a draw in the last round, was not lightly given up, Alex having to show cool defence a pawn down in a double rook and pawn ending.

Final positions

1 David Spearman, 5½/6;
2 Ian Hunnable, 4½;
=3 Alex Collyer, John Hodgson, 4;

17 players

Vega Pairings & Results

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