David Smith U150 Online Club Champion

Congratulations to David Smith on becoming the Club’s first ever online champion

David took the lead in Round 2 by half a point and never let up, maintaining that all the way to the last round when it was doubled. His opponent Peter McCarron had to play for the win in an objectively drawn rook and pawn ending and paid the price, losing out on a claim to second place in the process.

Michael Wilson and Peter Nickals, who could only draw in their last round head to head, took second and like David, were unbeaten during the competition.

With a late run of a hattrick of victories, including a rook sacrifice to win tonight, Michael Buckingham achieved a grading performance of +21 only bettered by David’s +26. The games will not be graded but will be ECF online standard rated instead.

The cross table is attached.

10 players took part in this U150 G60/15 five round Swiss competition played between 7 July and 22 August.

David’s games (R2-5):

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In other club online news:

David Spearman won the ECF online blitz rated all-play-all G7/2 Blitz on 4 August with a perfect score.

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