Club 2×64 Championship

Out of lockdown into “Tier 2” brought us the 2×64 Rapid Championship played socially distant on two adjoining identical boards with the clock in between on two club nights. Out of lockdown into the five week “Stage 3” also requires socially distant two-boarded chess. 

The five week window, before more normality hopefully returns, is just the right length for an inter-club standard play Swiss Tournament for players of all abilities. 

An opportunity for Club Members to reacclimatise to three dimensional chess and to try and improve or in some cases acquire their ECF standard rating. ECF ratings replaced grades back on 1 September 2020. Rating lists are published monthly and your live rating is updated following each results submission).


  • 5 Round Swiss (or round robin(s)) played at 80 + 10 (delay)
    – A Bronstein time control; better suited in the opinion of the Controller to two boarded chess than a conventional set increment. Clock times never increase as a result;
  • Occasional surprise wild card pairings (to accommodate members working shifts);
  • Major (open) and Minor (rating limited) sections;
  • Rounds played at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays 18 and 25 May and 1, 8 and 15 June
    – Any player can request in advance a half-point bye in any round save for the last, up to a maximum of two requests;
  • Each week, three boards are assigned to a Group of Six within which socially distant (1m +) spectating and mingling is permitted. Each player group will be segregated and must remain so with no mingling with other groups or other users of Wanstead House;
  • ECF standard rated;
  • Tie-breaks: 1st Sum of progressive scores; 2nd Sum of opponent’s scores.

Links: Combined entry list