Club Rapid Championship 2021-22

WWCC 2021/22 Rapid Championship   Tuesdays 5 and 12 April 2022, 7.30-10.40pm. 

Venue: Club room Roding (overflow Manor and Warren rooms next door).

Ventilation, single board distancing, face coverings optional (given the increased ventilation) and sanitise on entry/exit apply. Respect social distancing and no spectator crowding around boards (vacate to the downstairs lounge).

6 round Swiss, all moves in 20 minutes plus 10 seconds added per move (G20+10).  

Those playing on the second night only will be awarded notional byes for the first night for the purpose of pairing only, up to a maximum of 2 points, at the discretion of the Controller. This is to avoid pairing mismatches on the second night. These players cannot win the Championship.

Normal rules of chess apply including touch move. Illegal move penalty an extra minute to the opponent for the first in a game, loss of game for the second by the same player.

Rounds approximately c7.30, 8.35 and 9.40.

Unless notified to the contrary nearer the time, please wait in lounge areas on arrival unless you need extra time to access the playing room.  Registration on both nights will be in the lounge area at 7:25pm. Players not present at 7:30pm may not be paired in R1. If your plans change or you are running late inform the Controller on 07973 773786 (forewarned is forearmed).

After your game has finished REPORT THE RESULT and please vacate to the lounge areas to await the next round (unless extra time needed for access) and make use of the refreshment facilities.

All members are encouraged to participate in the ECF rated rapid which caters for all playing strengths (we reserve the right to split into two sections).