Club Challenge Rated Games

Club Challenge

To fill the gap with the absence of our formal Club competitions, Members are now able to play games for ECF rating, both Standard play and Rapid, both games played over-the-board (“OTB”).

The formal terminology for these is:

Club Challenge Standard OTBResults page

Club Challenge Rapid OTBResults page

On each page, click on the link in the result column (if present) to get a list of games. (If there is no link in the result column, there are no games in that category.) If there are games present, they will be listed by date played.


To play a “Club Challenge” game for ECF rating:

a) Both players must be: i) Club Members and ii) ECF Members;

b) Games must be played to tournament conditions; see Eligibility for rating

c) Arrange with another Club Member to play a rated game at either a Standard time control or Rapid.

d) Notify the Tournament Secretary (Mark Murrell) of the details (time, place [OTB location or online platform], rate of play) and whether this is Standard OTB, Rapid OTB.
Use the Contact Form from the main menu above and select ‘Tournament Secretary’.

e) Play the game as arranged;

f) Notify Mark of the result;

Make sure you do d) before e) or you might find your game cannot be rated. Reason: because the Tournament Secretary needs to be satisfied that the game is played under the approriate conditions to qualify for rating.


Standard play: each player has at least 60 minutes for the game; if an increment is applied, total time is calculated by core time + (60 x the increment).

Rapid: each player has at least 10 minutes and less than 60; if an increment is applied, total time is calculated by core time + (60 x the increment).

OTB rating – Standard play rating is the normal rating list for OTB competition which, in pre-Covid times, included your League match games, Club Championship games, etc. Similarly Rapid OTB covered your Club Rapid Championship games and Essex Knockout, etc. Excludes all games played online.

The ECF Rating List is the new incarnation of the former ECF Grading List. The previous three-digit grading system has been replaced, since 1st September 2020, with four-digit Elo rating. All grades from the July/August Grading Lists have now been converted to four-digit ECF Ratings. The new ECF Rating List is updated monthly.

For more details follow this link: ECF Rating website Help