4NCL Online RA1

4NCL Online employs the Swiss pairing system. Pairings are published shortly before the Round date in questions, with team lists published one hour before the due start time for the games.

Odd scores can crop up – e.g. RA1 Round 3 – usually caused by application of penalty points. e.g. a defaulted game apart from the score as a win for the opponent, also attracts a half-point penalty.

Team: Redbridge All Sorts 1, which entered the competition at Round 3
Team Captain: Peter Nickals
Organiser’s website: 4NCL
Platform: lichess.org
Start time: 19:30

This page lists the Pairings and Results for Team RA1. Click on the tabs above for individual match details and games.

Round Date Team White on odds v Team Black on odds
3 22 Sep RA1 2½-1 Plymouth 2
4 6 Oct Cornish Wreckers ½-3½ RA1
5 20 Oct RA1 3-1 Horsham 2
6 3 Nov Deaf England 1-3 RA1
7 17 Nov RA1 3-1 Brentwood B

Played 22 September 2020

The first matches in a new venture, so far as Club members are concerned, were played this evening, 22 Sep, in 4NCL Online, where teams are four boards, playing on the lichess.org platform. Here, teamraising has been widened beyond the Club and two teams are playing under the guise of Redbridge All Sorts (“RA1” and “RA2”). These teams joined 4NCL Season 2 in Division 6 (where new teams must start) at Round 3, so have no illusions about catching teams who have a two rounds start.

RA1 played Plymouth 2, but the anticipated 4-0 was limited to 2½-1 (sic). Unfortunately, one board was conceded by default due to a failure to issue a challenge; in this competition a default, apart from being scored as a loss, also attracts an additional half point penalty, hence 2½-1, instead of 3-1.

Games below table.

  Redbridge All Sorts 1 v Plymouth 2
1 Ashley Freeman 1975u 1-0 Robert Wilby 1675e
2 Ian Hunnable 1967c 1-0 Paul Wood 1592u
3 Ian Reynolds 1915e 0d1 Clifford Peach 1525c
4 Charukgan Muhunthan 1840e 1-0 Andrew Wright 1517
  Penalties -½ – 0  

Played 6 October 2020

  Cornish Wreckers v Redbridge All Sorts 1
1 Ian Renshaw 1525c 0-1 Ian Reynolds 1915e
2 Peter Doubleday 1412c ½-½ Anup Sinha 1712c
3 Maria Evdokimova 1390u 0-1 Michael Wilson 1675c
4 Hugh Brown 1345c 0-1 Rezin Catabay 1352c
  Penalties 0-0  

Played 20 October 2020

  Redbridge All Sorts 1
v Horsham 2
1 Ashley Freeman 1975u (W) 1-0 Chris Heath 1810e (B)
2 Ian Hunnable 1967c 0-1 John Marshall 1757c
3 Ian Reynolds 1915e 1-0 Marian Trofin 1660c
4 Jack Sheard 1855e 1-0 Guy Turvey 1412c

Essex v Sussex!

And should have been 4-0 to Essex. Your correspondent snatched defeat from the jaws of victory not once, but twice. My only excuse is my brain turned to jelly in the time-scramble. Otherwise three calm, assured, performances on the other boards.

Played 3 November 2020

  Deaf England v RA1
1 Alasdair MacLeod 1832e (W) 1-0 Ashley Freeman 1975e (B)
2 Ilan Dwek 1675e 0-1 Ian Hunnable 1967c
3 Barry David 1667e 0-1 Colin Newton 1742e
4 Desmond Masterton 992c 0-1 Anup Sinha 1712c

Played 17 November 2020

  RA1 v Brentwood B
1 Ashley Freeman 1975e 0-1 Trevor Coote 2044
2 Ian Hunnable 1967c 1-0 Max Pert 1787e
3 Ian Reynolds 1915 1-0 Dmitry Molostvov 1712e
4 Jack Sheard 1855 1-0 Charlotte Willoughby 1645

Ashley added to his treatise “How to beat the French with an unsound knight sacrifice” – except this one didn’t, though it looked a good bet at one point. Another French on Board two, which was a spirited Alekhine-Chatard Attack, i.e. double-edged all the way.

Ian Reynolds was required to play only 8 moves before winning the Black queen on its starting square with Bxf7+ on the uncastled king. Jack Sheard was successful with the Caro-Kann.

Captain Charisma reports: “Redbridge Allsorts 1 finished the Winter season in 9th place which is some achievement noting we didn’t start until round 3.”

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