Opening Night Tandem

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

The 2022-23 Season opened in traditional style on Tues 6 September with the tandem simultaneous by last season’s champions. And what an array of honours held by our two bi-bicyclists: all the tournaments and trophies between them!

John Cawdery: Club Champion; Lightning Champion; Blitz Champion;
Mark Murrell: Rapid Champion; David Wood Memorial Trophy; Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield; John Philpott Trophy.

This redoubtable twosome took on 16 Members, circulating the arena, in tandem, without consultation. Of the 16 games, they allowed only one loss – to Paul Bancroft – and four draws – Ryan Colclough, Joe Rosenberg, Ian Hunnable and John Jestico – to record an impressive 13-3 victory. Bravo!

Score sheet

The Club Result The Tandem
David Smith 0-1  
John Jestico ½-½  
Ryan Colclough ½-½  
Krishna Raikundalia 0-1  
Matthias Lataille 0-1  
Nic Charles 0-1  
Paul Read 0-1  
Nigel White 0-1  
Zehn 0-1  
Joe Rosenberg ½-½  
Almas Dohon 0-1  
Paul Bancroft 1-0  
David Rawlings 0-1  
Charlie Durden 0-1  
Ian Hunnable ½-½  
Fin O’Regan 0-1