Club Rapid Championship 2020-21

The Rapid Championship is split over two evenings, 21 and 28 September 2021, with three rounds played on each date, six rounds in all. Start of play 7.30 pm.

The Club Rapid Championship for 2020-21 has received record support for this event, with 29 entries. This may have a lot to do with, for the first time, its being played over two weekday evenings (Club nights) rather than an all-day event on a Saturday. The first three rounds were played on 21 September, with the final three rounds (R4-6) to be played on 28 September. With the splitting of the event over two evenings, Members unable to play on both evenings are able to play on either the first or second evening, though not eligible to win the event.

After Round 3, Philip Staniland leads with 3/3, having accounted for Club Champion, John Cawdery, in the third round. Philip has a group of five players, on 2½/3, hot on his heels. There were good performances elsewhere, notably from Nigel White (1413) who started with a draw against Steve Gilmour (1990) and after defeating Laurence Duffy, drew with Paul Barclay (1736).

Rounds 4-6 were played on 28 September.

The folowing were playing Rounds 4-6 “hors concours” (could not win)
John Hodgson
Neil Davies
John Jestico
Emmet Clarke (withdrew)

The second half of the Rapid Championship 2020-21 produced more thrills and spills than seemed possible in the three further rounds.

The leader after R3, Philip Staniland, lost in R4 to Ashley, while Terry beat Steve Gilmour; Terry and Ashley =1 on 3½/4. In a dramatic R5, Terry beat Ashley to steal the lead, while Philip held John Hodgson (playing hors concours) to a draw, allowing Valdimir to steal into clear 2nd on 4.

So to the last round and one more melodrama left: Philip beats Terry. John Cawdery beat Mark Murrell, leaving a four-way tie on 4½/6 and a further five players on 4. Had Barclay v Freeman produced a winner, there would have been a five way tie on the leading score! Never have we had a Rapid Championship like it!

The melodrama? The tie-break worked in favour of Terry Whitton who had therefore won the event with a round to spare, so he could afford the loss to Philip. Final leading scores:

=1 Terry Whitton (Rapid Champion), Philip Staniland, John Cawdery, John Hodgson (hc), 4½/6;
=5 Ashley Freeman, Vladimir Parols, Peter Nickals, Paul Barclay, Tu Senan, 4;
29 players

Rapid tournament details

Games in the Rapid were played at G20+10 (all moves in 20 minutes, plus 10 seconds increment per move).

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