U1650 Ladder – 2023-24

The popular Ladder competition is a standard-play event for members rated below 1650. It is a play-as-you-please event based on “challenges” made. Members rated under 1650 may join the Ladder at any time. All games are submitted for ECF standard play rating.

Players make progress by beating players above them on the Ladder. A player may challenge a player up to five places above them on the Ladder. Challenges should be accepted or players may fall foul of Rule 17:

17) Any player who in the opinion of the Tournament Secretary unreasonably declines a challenge shall be relegated to the bottom of the ladder.

Ladder competition Rule 17

The entry starts in reverse rating order, so the strongest players begin at the bottom! The player on the lower rung in each game has to win to make progress, moving up to take the place of the higher placed opponent, who moves down one rung.

The new season’s tournament commenced 18 September and runs until 30 July 2024, when the player at the top of the Ladder will be declared the winner and holds the John Langford trophy for a year. The latest position is given below (toggle between the Ladder view and the game results view).

Links: Ladder Rules | Ladder on ECF LMS

The link below will take you to a list of all results to date. (Return link at the bottom of the results list.)