Club Championship

A closed 9 round Swiss Tournament played on scheduled dates between September and May open to all members of the club. Juniors under the age of 14 may participate at the discretion of the Committee.

It currently incorporates the Junior Club Championship awarded to the highest placed junior (aged under 18 on the preceding 31st August).

In the event of a tie for first place a play-off or series of play-offs is held to determine the Champion or Junior Champion.
Entry Fee & Prizes

In addition to the usual club night board fee, the entry fee is £2.50, returnable in prizes, payable to the Treasurer

Subject to entries, there are usually prizes for at least the highest placed finisher in a number of grading sections in addition to second and third placement prizes. Prizes are usually announced at the start of round 3.
Round Dates

For the 2019-20 Championship the rounds will be played on:
Round 1 24th September Round 4 17th December Round 7 17th March
Round 2 22nd October Round 5 21st January Round 8 14th April
Round 3 19th November Round 6 18th February Round 9 12th May

A player who is unable to play on the appointed date may seek “dispensation” from the Controller in advance to play on an alternative date. Players are expected to give as much notice as possible as to unavailability and to arrange an alternative at the first available opportunity. Deferred games can be played both before and after the set date and must be concluded before the next round. Players affected by a granted dispensation will be notified by the Controller. If the players concerned are unable to reach agreement on an alternative date, the Controller will impose one.
Time Controls

36 moves in 90 minutes adjourning after a playing session of 3 hours, by the player on move sealing a move but not communicating that to his opponent. The time control for subsequent sessions which must be no shorter than 2 hours in duration is 24 moves in an hour. Digital Clock setting 9.

If both players agree one of the following single session time controls may be used:

30 moves in 75 minutes with 15 minutes quick play finish. Digital Clock setting 5.

All moves in 80 minutes plus 10 second increments from move 1. Digital Clock setting 18.
Rules & Pairings

Download the rules here

The Championship is controlled by the Tournament Secretary or appointed nominee. Pairings and results are posted on the website.