Rule of 6 – 22 June

This page is prepared for the activities at our Club night on 22 June.

The main event is a return to our first Ro6 engagement, a G10+5 ECF Rapid OTB rated tournament(s).

Attendees also have the option to play in a more sedate OTB Club Challenge Rated Game at a mutually agreed rate of play. Click here for further information.

Attendees should indicate their preference in the further information box of their Track & Trace Attendance Form or otherwise notify the Tournament Secretary through the Contact page; both available from the above page menu options.

Links to the Rapid Tournament(s) pages appear below. Entries close at 4pm on 22 June, following which the allocated entries for each tournament will appear at approximately 6pm. Please note that the pages from the links below are subject to change/correction up to the start of play shortly after 7:30 pm.

These will enable Club Members who are not attending to follow events as they unfold during the evening. Games will be 10 mins + 5 seconds per move, which equates to 30 mins per game for 60 moves, so a new round approximately every 30-35 minutes.

If a mobile device is used to view the Tournament Pages you will need to use a browser in “private” or “incognito” mode to ensure that the latest content appears rather than the cached content from your last visit.

If using a personal computer, you will need to execute a hard refresh of the Parings Page in your browser to see the latest round (blue buttons above the round parings) by pressing the refresh button whilst holding down the Ctrl key or using Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R. A simple refresh of a page should update the scores and tables within it.

If you think you would like to get involved with our New Club Nights – particularly now that we are extending to competitive play – please refer to the New Club Nights page which will tell you what you need to know about attending the Club in the current circumstances.

Rule of 6 Rapid – 22 June 2021

Played over 5 rounds or 3 double rounds (with the games against each opponent played back-to-back, one with each colour) according to numbers on the night. G10+5.

Participants can find confirmation of receipt of their T&T attendance form and the Group they have been assigned to from the Ro6 Groups dropdown from the main menu or from the Vega link below.

Rule of 6A

Rule of 6B

Rule of 6C

These tournament pages currently list all the Members who have participated in our socially-distanced Club nights, preparatory to receiving entries for Tuesday, when the lists will be filtered to show those actually participating.