Individual speed events

These events comprise Rapid, Blitz and Lightning games, which are different categories for rating by the ECF.

Rapid chess

Each player must have more than 10 minutes, and less than 60 minutes, for all moves. This includes both the initial time control and any subsequent time controls or quickplay finish. When Fischer (cumulative) mode is used, the time available for each player is calculated on the assumption that the duration of the game is 60 moves.

Club Rapid Chamionship

Blitz chess

Each player has 3 minutes or more, up to a maximum of 10 minutes. Increments count in the same way as in Rapid Chess.

Games in our Handicap Blitz Grand Prix are only submitted to the ECF for rating when the time available to each player is the same, i.e. 8 mins each.

Club Blitz Championship | Handicap Blitz Grand Prix

Lightning Chess

This is chess played to a 10 second buzzer. When the buzzer sounds the player must make his/her move, not before, not after. Lightning games are not rated by the ECF.

Club Lightning Championship