Club Championship Rules applicable to 2022-23

The Club Championship Rules were modified at the AGM on 24 August 2021 and apply to the 2022-23 tournament without further modification.

The rate of play defaults to All moves in 80 minutes + 10 seconds increment per move.

Two alternative time controls may be used in any game with the agreement of both players:

  • Games may be played with a quickplay finish when the rate of play shall be 30 moves in 1hr 15 mins followed by the addition of 15 mins to each player’s clock; the game is then to be completed in the total time remaining. FIDE quickplay finish Guidelines (excluding Articles III.4 and III.5) will apply after the initial time control.
  • Games played with adjournments shall use a rate of play of 36 moves in 1½ hours, followed by 24 moves per hour until the end of the game).

Download: Club Championship Rules (updated Sep 2021)