Socially Distanced Club Meetings Attendance Registration Form

The Application Form to attend the Club on Tuesday, 28 September 2021 is below. Those who are playing in the Rapid DO NOT need to complete the Attendance Form this week.

Update 19 July HM Government’s roadmap out of lockdown has moved to Step 4 from 19 July. While most of the legal restrictions have been lifted, the precautions previously in place for Club visits will remain for the foreseeable future – see the NEW documents highlighted below. Read more: Link to HMG Guidance

Rapid Championship 2020-21

The activity on 28 September will be Rounds 4-6 of the Club Rapid Championship 2020-21.

Games in the Rapid will be played at G20+10 (all moves in 20 minutes, plus 10 seconds increment per move).

Those who entered the Rapid in last week’s Entry Form – including those who indicated entry to R4-6 only – will automatically be carried over and DO NOT NEED TO complete the Attendance Form this week. To re-cap who is entered and which rounds they entered for, visit the Vega Tournament pages and review the entrants, noting the ’rounds entered’ in the column headed “Title”.

If you have NOT previously entered, but would like to play the second half (Rounds 4-6) on 28 September (7.30 pm) please complete the Attendance Form below and use the “Other information” box to indicate your wish to enter R4-6 and note the following:

a) players must play both dates to contest the Championship;
b) players can play on just one date should they wish but must specify this on other information;
c) players who play on second date only will receive notional byes for round 1-3 at the discretion of the controller for the purposes of pairing only upto a maximum of 2 points to avoid pairing mismatches in the later rounds.


If you do NOT want to enter the rapid but instead play some social games, please complete the Attendance Form and specify Social chess in the “Other information” box.

Previous precautions remain in place until further notice as given below – read the NEW documents. The Club’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been updated as at 20 June and can be viewed here: WWCC Covid-19 Risk Assessment 20 June 2021

From Step 4, most of the previous legal requirements are lifted, but Covid is still with us; the effect to Step 4 is to move from State control to personal responsibility. The Government’s guidance is linked above and our Covid Committee has decided that the Club will continue with its proven successful four-pronged safety and comfort strategy of:

  • Ventilation – all our playing rooms have a through flow, which is excellent in the summer
  • Face coverings – a barrier to limit the distance your viral load travels
  • Social Distancing – respecting the space of others, keeping 1m apart
  • Sanitisation – on entry/exit and as-and-when and a must before and after facial contact.

All designed to give as many of our members and potential new members the reassurance and confidence to return to conventional over-the-board chess in the knowledge of comfortable uncrowded playing conditions. The continued wearing of a face covering is a minor inconvenience for the individual set against the greater peace of mind and safety benefits for everyone. It is very much in keeping with the new government guidance, which no responsible organisation should ignore. We have found that an organised competitive event is the best way to ensure social distancing within Wanstead House’s “covid secure” environment.

Parents of all junior members should complete this form on their child’s behalf stating both their name and that of their child(ren) in the form below. (Use the box labelled “Other information relevant to your visit” to add the name of your child(ren).)

Downloads (required reading)

Keeping Wanstead House safe

WHCA Autum Guidance 2021**NEW 10 Sep 2021**

Covid Precautions at WWCC

Privacy Notice August 2020


HMG roadmap out of lockdown is now at Step 4, from 19 July.
If the date shown is booked up, pease indicate how you would like to proceed from the above options (may be left blank).
The Club is unable to accept Junior Members younger than 8 years at this time. Junior members aged 14 and over may attend unsupervised at the discretion of parents.


Does 3+24=26? (type Y or N)

Acknowledgment message

Thank you for registering for the Club’s session on 28 September. We will be in contact shortly to confirm your booking or otherwise. Should your circumstances change such that you are unable to attend please contact straight away. You must bring and wear a face covering. On arrival in the Clubroom (not before 7:30 pm) sanitise and sign.