Ladder competition game challenge

This Form is for the use of members participating in the Ladder competition to issue game challenges to fellow competitors.

In addition to issuing a challenge, the form can also be used to respond to a challenge or message the opponent of a previously arranged game.

This page is within a “members area” section of the website to which you have to login.

Link: Ladder competition rules


You may use this form to issue a challenge to a fellow competitor in the Ladder Competition, or responding to a challenge issued to you. When the dropdown box "purpose of contact" (below) is set to 'Issue of game challenge', three date picker fields will appear. You need only offer one date, but an optional further two are provided, as you wish. The other selections will hide the date fields, leaving you only the 'Who to contact?" dropdown and Additional information box to complete.
For Controller's use only.


If you are issuing a game challenge, having set the PURPOSE OF CONTACT box [above] to show 'To issue game challenge', the date pickers open [below]. You must propose at least one date, by selecting the first date field below, but optionally you can propose up to three dates. Any additional information relating to the game challenge can be given in the box below the date fields. If you are offering more than one date for which additional information is given be sure to reference the information according to date (e.g. "Re date 1", "Re date 2", "Re date 3").
A copy of this message will also be sent to the Controller when you click 'Send'. If you subsequently correspond with the recipient by direct email, please also copy in the Controller at To contact Mark direct, select 'Controller' from this list.