Club Membership Application/Renewal Form

Your personal data is required so that the Club can identify you and contact you about membership and its activities for members. It is important that you ensure that the data the Club holds is accurate and up-to-date. For full information about the Club’s personal data use policies, including the data held about you, its use and how you can ask for inaccuracies in data to be corrected see the Club’s Privacy Notice, available from the Corporate menu at the foot of this page.

The Club collects and uses your personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The legal basis for processing this data is the Club’s legitimate interest as a chess club. The Club uses the data for the administration of your Club membership and associated memberships (see below), the communication of information and the organisation of teams and events.

It is a condition of the Club’s use of Wanstead House that its adult members are members of Wanstead House Community Association. The Essex Chess Association requires players who play in its League to be members of the association and of the English Chess Federation. Membership of the English Chess Federation is also required for other team events in which the Club participates. Our Club standard and rapid internal competitions, over-the-board or online, are rated by the English Chess Federation, for which membership of the ECF is required. Club Members are required to be members of these organisations.

The information provided on this form will be recorded in our membership database and shared with Club officials as necessary to enable you to be informed of and participate in Club activities and for your associated memberships to be taken out. ECF-specific data and online usernames are publicly available from the Club’s players list on the ECF’s League Management System. Only your name is shared with WHCA for membership purposes.

Your membership data is shared with the ECA and the ECF, the governing body of the game of chess in England and responsible for national ratings. Your name (including platform usernames for online chess) and ECF Rating Code and/or FIDE Identification Number will be shared with the organisations who run events for the Club’s teams; privacy information relating to these organisations is available from our data protection webpage (see the Club’s Privacy Notice, available from the Corporate menu at the foot of this page) or their websites.

If you would like to receive promotional material electronically about ECA events and activities directly from the ECA please provide your email address to ECA General Secretary at Your name, rating and results will be made available to the ECF for the purposes of rating your results and producing your official chess ratings (grades). Your results and statistical analysis will be published on the ECF rating website along with your ratings, the Club’s website and those of the organisations the Club’s teams participate it.

Your personal data is not passed on by us for use by any other third parties whether or not connected with chess.

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