W&WCC Events survey for the new season (Sep 2021 to Aug 2022)

For the purposes of this Survey of Club Members, it should be assumed that all venue Playing Areas will have through ventilation of fresh air, which the Club recognises as an essential requirement for the playing of chess indoors.

We are not asking you for your preferences. We all want to play chess normally without restriction if and when that it is possible. We are working with the leagues as to finding playing conditions that will be able to cope with the fluctuations in infection rates over the season and consistency across the venues for each league so players know what to expect wherever they play.

In response to questions with multiple choices please select all the options that you would be prepared to accept/put up with in order to play competitive chess. Whilst we have been fortunate to have had a vibrant and safe club scene, we are now looking to playing others. (Note that the London League is looking at alternative options to Citadines Hotel in Holborn).

Do fill in the information box at the end of the survey if there is anything in particular you would like to draw to our attention.


½m1m1½m2mNone of these
1. Minimum space between boards - players wearing a face covering
2. Minimum space between seated players - wearing a face covering
3. Minimum space between boards - with NO face coverings
4. Minimum space between seated players - with NO face coverings
Indicate above the minimum distancing conditions at which you would be prepared to play (metres).
No face coveringWith face covering2 boarded chess where opponent exempted from wearing face coveringNo face covering by consent of both players
5. 3 hour game same opponent
6. 2 x 1 hour games different opponents
7. 3 x 1 hour games v different opponents
8. 7 x 20 mins games v different opponents
9. Social chess (various timings/opponents)
Would you play any of the above types of chess under one or more of the face covering options? Select all that apply.
Own carOwn car with passengersCar passengerBusTubeTrain
10. Travel by
Select all that apply.
Outer London Boroughs - Local Ex league clubs and North Circular clubs and Alternative E or N venuesCentral London - London Leagues - Zone 1West London - Central L league - Zones 1 & 2Outer Essex - Other Essex League clubs - Basildon, Southend, Thurrock, Writtle, B'Wood
11. Travel to
Select all that apply.

Board Fees

Currently the club charges a £3 board fee for each club night at Wanstead House and for each London League match at the central venue. This may extend to Central London matches at the new Pimilico venue. The accommodation cost in central london pre-lockdown equated to £5 per head per match. The Club may have to hire more space to accommodate home events with less players in each room and therefore higher board fees. For 2021/22 the Treasurer is not proposing to increase Board Fees to continue to encourage the return to chess but the Club does need to look ahead.
12. Maximum Board Fee for Wanstead House
13. Maximum Board fee to play at our "home" venue for London League chess
14. Maximum Board fee to play at our "home" venue in Pimlico for Central London League chess
Please make a selection for each of questions (12-14).
15. Would you play a Home match on...
Select all that apply.
We currently provide match chess for players of all abilities. There can be no team without a captain. THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE BOX: ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS MAY APPEAR DEPENDING ON YOUR ANSWER.
17. Would you captain a team in a league where face coverings are not required ?
18. Would you captain a team in a league where face coverings are mandatory (unless U11 or medical condition applies)?
19. Would you captain a team in the local North Circular League?
20. Would you captain a team that involves travel to Central London?
21. Would you captain a team that involves travel to West London (Zone 2)?
22. Would you captain a team that involves travel to outer Essex?
Select all that apply.