Match programme 2021-22

The Club’s activities in these various leagues can be followed on this menu branch. At the moment just the CLL is actually in play. There will be a menu item for each League and within each page a “tabbed” display giving the individual match details and fixture lists. These will be linked below as and when they become active and available.

London League

Central London League

Essex League

North Circuar League

Friendly Fixtures

As the chess world cautiously emerges from Coivd restrictions, leagues are gearing up to resume over-the-board activity.

As Clubs resume, with a reduction in active members and the leagues respond by reducing board numbers, the leagues which are emerging are very different from those competitions pre-Covid.

As a Club, we have branched in a different direction by entering a team in the Central London League for the first time with one five-board team in CLL Division 2 and have won our first match!

The London League is in the process of reinventing itself, adding a second “central” venue in Hammersmith in addition to improving the existing venue at Citadines Hotel, Holborn (which, however, remains horrendously expensive) and reducing boards in the main divisions to eight. The League is currently offering a “west” competition based on the new “Mindsports” venue in Hammersmith and an “east” competition at the improved Citadines Hotel, Holborn; the offer is 8 board and 4 board competitions in each. We have entered an 8 board team in the eastern competition, Match Captain Keith Jones. We have played in the London league since 1967-68.

We were anticipating making an entry with a team in the 4 board competition, expecting this to be of the same nature of the Minor division which we had played in pre-covid. However, the League seems to be offering this competition on the basis of providing an arena for clubs which cannot mount an 8 board team. Consequently, the strongest teams entering this competition are significantly above the level of the old Minor division. We have, however, indicated our desire for a rating capped division comparable to the old Minor and that if the League receives enough entries from teams of that level to form such a competition, we would be interested in entering.

The Essex League will also be re-starting shortly, with nine teams in Division 1 (8 Boards), eight teams in Division 2 (6 boards) and 10 teams in the Minor competition (4 boards). We have entered one team in each.

However, there is no news yet of the North Circular League resumption.