Socially Distanced Junior Chess Club Attendance Registration Form

From 12 April the UK Government’s roadmap out of lockdown allows public buildings such as Community Centres to re-open. Wanstead House is one of these and indeed has re-opened.

Application to attend on Tuesday, 20 April 2021

If your child is new to the Club or returning after a period of absence please review our safeguarding documentation below and register an interest through our enquiry form.

Please note that space in the Clubroom is restricted. We are operating bubbles of no more than 15 children.

Parents and guardians should complete this form giving both their name and that of their child in the form below. (Please complete a separate form for each child.)

Downloads (required reading)

Keeping Wanstead House safe

Two-boarded chess

Socially distanced JCCC

Privacy Notice

Please do not arrive before 5.00 pm unless agreed with us.
Please leave by 8.00 pm unless agreed with us.
If this date is fully booked up Please indicate how you please indicate how you would like to proceed from the options given (may be left blank).


Does 3+24=26? (type Y or N)

Acknowledgment message

Thank you for registering for the Club’s session on 20 April. We will be in contact shortly to confirm your booking or otherwise. Should circumstances change such that your child is unable to attend contact
straight away please.

Your child must bring and wear a face covering. On arrival in the Clubroom (not before 5:00 pm unless otherwise arranged) sanitise and collect.