Super Thursday

NC1 had already retained NCCL A with their 5½-½ win over Ilford on 10 April. Now have only a 100% record to chase.

From Mark Murrell, the happenings of Thursday, 9 May:

  • EL1: Championship retained in Division 1, with 6-2 win away to Basildon;
  • CL2: Streatham 2 catch up with a win in the head to head to tie for Division 4 and take the game points advantage not that there is any tie’break in the rules;
  • EL4 won Division 3 this evening without moving a pawn. EL3 reported from Barking where they were playing in Div 2 that Ilford 2 were looking good against EL4’s rival for top spot Barking 3 after a controversial draw on bottom board following an intervention during play. The Barking skip pointed out a flag fall as the Ilford player heading to mate his opponent. Unlike NCCL the EL rules do not confer arbiter powers on captains where an arbiter can call a flag fall when spotted. Checkmate would have ended the game irrespective of the flag. If the Ilford team won last night then Div 3 would have a 4 way tie on Match Points, with just W4 having matches to play (2). The tiebreak for that 4-way tie (Match Points) would leave Upminster and Wanstead still tied on 7 MP, then the MP between them would decide: Wanstead IV, 3; Upminster III, 1. Wanstead IV have two matches in hand.

We have some catching up to do with League results and stats, but currently have this in hand. Look back soon, with progress. Update: CL2, NC2 and NC3 still to do, then Aggregates.

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