2021 Summer Events – Over-the-board



Tuesday 22 June, 7:30pm Rule of 6 G10+5 Rapid (delay)  
Tuesday 29 June, 7:30pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 1 (Hall) G80+10 (incremental)  
Tuesday 06 July, 7:30pm Rule of 6 G20+10 Rapid Part 1 (incremental)  
Tuesday 13 July, 7:30pm Rule of 6 G20+10 Rapid Part 2 (incremental)  


New rules apply: Summer 2021 Update – stay safe prevent the spread | Covid Precautions at WWCC
Tuesday 20 July, 7:30pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 2 (Hall) G80+10 (incremental)  
Tuesday 27 July, 7:30pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 3 (Hall) G80+10 (incremental)  
Tuesday 03 August, 7:30pm LIGHTNING CHAMPIONSHIP (move on buzzer after 10 seconds) Terry Whitton
Tuesday 10 August, 7:30pm BLITZ CHAMPIONSHIP G8+0  
Tuesday 17 August, 7:30pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 4 (Hall) G80+10 (incremental)  
Saturday 21 August, 10 to 6pm RAPID CHAMPIONSHIP (all day) G20+10 (incremental) 6 rounds  
Tuesday 24 August, 7:30pm Annual General Meeting  
Tuesday 31 August, 7:30pm CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Round 5 (Hall) G80+10 (incremental)  
Monday 06 September Social Dinner for members, partners and friends  

Tuesday 07 September New season (2021-22) Opening Night  

A few notes on rates of play, particularly for new members who may not be experienced in competitive play.

The notation, for example “G80+10”, refers to the time allowed for each player for the game (“G”): in this example G80+10 means that each player gets 80 minutes to play the game, with an additional 10 seconds (“+10”) every move you make. “Incremental” means that the clock adds 10 seconds to your available time when you make a move (and press the clock). “Delay” is similar, but differs in that the clock does not start until the Delay time has counted down. The difference between the two is that with “Incremental” you retain any part of the added time which you do not use immediately: if you make a move, say, 8 seconds after your clock starts for that move, your clock retains the unused 2 seconds, so that your available time can increase. With “Delay”, should you move within the 10 second run off, the remainder of that 10 seconds is discarded, but the time available to you has not been diminished.

There is more about rates of play in our What’s on page, in the General Information section.