4NCL Online – Season 3

The club’s second involvement with 4NCL had a more considered approach than the late notice introduction into Season 2.

For 4NCL Season 3, a number of additional local players were added to the squads, with the result that four teams have been entered, this time from the start of Season 3, all teams being styled “Redbridge All Sorts”, 1, 2, 3 and 4. A pleasant surprise was to find the first team having gone up a Division, to Division 5, although having finished outside the promotion spots in Season 2 (due to having entered from Round 3 and therefore giving all other teams a two match start). RA2 are in Division 6 and RA3 and 4 in the new Divison 7.

This section is in the course of construction. Team Ra1 is published, with three more teams pages to be created. Please be patient.