4NCL Online S3 – RA4

The second of the new Redbridge All Sorts teams a new 4NCL Division. As this is the lowest Division, pairings are done on the Swiss system, so opponents are not known from one round to the next until published shortly before the new round. There are no fewer than 66 teams in the Division, representing a huge administrative overhead for the organisers.

Odd scores can crop up, usually caused by application of penalty points. e.g. a defaulted game apart from the score as a win for the opponent, also attracts a half-point penalty.

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Round Date Team White on odds v Team Black on odds    
1 26 Jan RA4 ½-3½ Throw in the Tal
2 9 Feb Uxbridge Fury 0-4 RA4    
3 23 Feb RA4 1-3 Battersea Cats    
4 9 Mar   v      
5 23 Mar   v      
6 6 Apr   v      
7 20 Apr   v      

Played 26 January 2021

v Throw in the Tal
1 Luoke Wang 1446u 0-1 Joshua Pink 1990
2 Nigel White 1414 ½-½ Gareth Griffiths 1786
3 Davide Segat 1292u 0-1 Steven Woolgar 1636
4 Peter Toogood 1214c 0-1 Solomon Hayes 1454c
  Average 1341 ½-3½ Average 1716

Our lowest team met the strongest opposition of all the RAS teams, which is quite likely to happen to a team in the lower half of the draw in a team Swiss, with, as here, all new teams having to start in the bottom Division. Good result for Nigel, giving 372 points.

The Round 1 games

Played 9 February 2021

  Uxbridge Fury
v RA4
1 Advay Bhat 1247 c (W) 0-1 Matthias Lataille 1547u (B)
2 Gesneria-Codruta Cepoi 942u 0-1 Luoke Wang 1446u
3 Pranav Mangalagiri 957u 0-1 Nigel White 1414
4 Satya Peddireddi 920u 0-1 Davide Segat 1292u
  Average 1341 0-4 Average 1716

RA4 inherited RA3’s opponents from Round 1 and improved on RA3’s score by a point.

Played 23 February 2021

v Battersea Cats
1 Emmet Clarke 1503c (W) 0-1 Maria Emeliova 2113 (B)
2 Luoke Wang 1446u 1-0 Tim Valentine 1794
3 Nigel White 1414 0-1 Joel Morales 1600c
4 Davide Segat 1292u 0-1 Christophe Rebbeck 1451c
  Average 1413
1-3 Average 1739

RA4 are 44th out of 70 in this Swiss pairing Division.