Rule of 6 – 6 and 13 July

Over two consecutive club evenings rapid chess at an accrual incremental time control of G20+10 returned in the break between Club Championship rounds.  A warm up for the Club’s G20+10 Rapid Championship being played over 6 rounds on Saturday 21 August (10 am to 6 pm).

Each night, 3 rounds were played either as a 6 player Swiss or 4 player all-play-all, with different groupings each week. There was a social group to accommodate potential new members too.

06 Jul Swiss A Shared: Philip Staniland & Terry Whitton, 2½/3;

06 Jul A-P-A B Triple tie: Neil Davies, Ivan Hutcheson and Senan Tu, 2/3;

06 Jul Swiss C Won by: James Soar-Burdett 2½/3;

13 Jul A-P-A A Shared: John Cawdery and Ian Hunnable, 2½/3;

13 Jul A-P-A B Won by: Ivan Hutcheson, 2/3 on head-to-head tie break;

13 Jul A-P-A C Won by: James Soar-Burdett 2/3 on head-to-head tie break;

13 Jul Swiss D Clean sweep win by: Emmet Clarke, 3/3.

The LMS cross-tables are linked above, from where you can find the individual rounds. All games ECF OTB rapid rated.