Online League • ECF launches online Counties Championships

Fixtures secretary, Mark Murrell writes:

Wanstead has two teams in The League of Mayhem, bringing together some of the Clubs from the Essex, North Circular and London Leagues to help fill the void of over-the-board chess this summer. You can follow the teams and results through this link to: the league’s website

If you would like to join one of our teams please contact [email link] Peter Nickals

If you would like to play for Essex in the ECF Online Counties Championships contact [email link] Mark Murrell

The League of Mayhem is played on Thursday evenings at 6:45pm using individual challenges on the lichess rated platform at a rate of all moves in 60 minutes plus 15 second increments (G60/15).

Links: The Club’s fixtures | All LoM fixtures | League of Mayhem | Lichess

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