Get in there!

Round 1 of the new League of Mayhem Knockout, W&W 8th seeds KO the No 1 seeds, Charlton Chess Addicks (sic).

Wanstead Wanderers v Charlton Chess Addicks
East Coker 187 ½-½ David_Jarmany 202
Ashfreez 170e 0-1 dhmayer 165e
CRMTURBO 152 1-0 Drummond20 162
Ghostliner 138 1-0 Demyan7777 83e

In the next round – the semi-final – W&W meet hmcwtf1 who beat Hackney Hungry on Board Count (we presume, although we have not seen the Knockout rules). The odd think about that match (Hackney Hungry 2-2 hmcwtf1) is that all games were won by Black (hmcwtf1 were Black on odds).

LoM KO: Click HERE

Wanstead Wanderers v Charlton Chess Addicks games are given below.

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