North v South Challenge

This evening on the epic North v South Challenge took place, over no fewer than 108 boards. On publication of the match sheet, it was clear that the North had the advantage on the grades and this was borne out by the match result North 60½-46½ South (corrected score, with 11 games decided by default and one 0-0). A monumental undertaking, which surely would not have happened OTB.

The Club had nine players in this encounter representing The South:

Board Username Name Col. Result
9 EastCoker John Hodgson W Draw
22 Ashfreez Ashley Freeman B Won by default
23 Chesstera1h8 Ian Hunnable W Won
46 Peternickals Peter Nickals B Lost
53 Ghostliner Peter MCarron W Lost
77 TCS52 TerrySkippen W Drew
78 turnthegasoff Michael Buckingham B Won
106 daleksauceer Tobias Stevens B Won
108 drjvj John Jestico B Lost

Games given below.

We also had one ex-Member in the match, now representing The North, though only a few of our current members will remember Stuart Skelsey – though you can find him in some issues of First Rank in the History section (try Volume 3 and later). Today Stuart played on Board 34, but had a default win.

Links: ECF LMS interactive match card | ECF Match day page |

Each line on the LMS match card covers 10 boards. Click on the center score column to open each card. Then click on the tv icon of the player for a game you wish to go through.

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