Mayhem KO Semi-Final

A spirited try, but Wanstead came second in the semi-final against hmcwtf1.

hmcwtf1 v Wanstead Wanderers
CM Squaretaker 207 (W) 1-0 EastCoker 187 (B)
Andrewtoo 189 1-0 Ashfreez 170E
Musicknight 161 1-0 WWJammyDodger 154
JG-S22 93e 0-1 Ghostliner 138

Mark on three was the first casualty, we believe against Kayode Disu; was in trouble from the moment a White rook reached the 7th, and couldn’t save it. The next result demonstrated the cut-throat nature of a four board KO: on Board 1, John played CM Thomas Villiers and reached a R&P ending a pawn down. He got the pawn back, but a solid passed d-pawn with a rook behind it was too much. White still had a nett 58m 29s on his clock at the end of the 48-move game (time control 60m + 15s per move)!

With these two results, hmcwtf1 were assured of a win on Board Count should we win the other two games.

Peter McCarron, in a closed position, managed to prise open the h-file and piled in with his heavy artillery to get the decision. Ashley played Andrew Gilfillan 189. Ashley had some early pressure, making a nuisance with his bishops, but when Black got the bishops off to reach a R&P ending, Ashley’s pawns started to drop; when three had gone he agreed that was enough.

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