Warriors start with a win

Ben Harte reports that the Warriors won their first J4NCL match by a small margin. “Over-the-board” we only lost one game, but with one player missing we lost two points and suffered a penalty point. Still we won 4-3, so well done.

Our next opposition is likely to be stronger; so when we get to team selection, to avoid any defaults players will have to set an alarm on their phones or their parent’s phone!

I was impressed by the play from the team and even the game that was lost was well-played at the start with a blunder going into the endgame. If this squad plays at its best, there should be no team in this division that we need fear.

Next match is in two weeks’ time on Thursday 15th October at 6 pm.

League documents, playing schedule and results can be found on our new Junior Online page in the Juniors section of the Club’s website.

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