French twist

This Friday’s Let’s Chess Arena has a French twist, thanks to our friends at Aix-en-Provence.

In its usual slot the arena will take the form of a TEAM BATTLE ARENA. All the usual features but the twist is that all of your opponents will be from Aix, so an evening of completely different opponents whilst your regular opponents become your team mates.

The scores of the top seven performers will combine to determine which team is victorious. The rest need not worry about the team score simply try and get to the top seven and enjoy this social friendship tournament. It is open to all, whatever ability.

We have set up an arenas team to play L’Echiquier du Roy René (to give Aix CC their proper chess club name) in a Battle. To join the Battle you need to join the Arena and then when accepted join the tournament (links below). Early sign up to both please so that Aix know how many players to find.

In a Battle arena you only play opponents from the other team’s squad.

Join these, in order

Join: Arenas team
and, when accepted..
Join: Tournament

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