Knockout Mayhem

It will be a while before OTB chess returns to normality and we are entering a sort of hybrid period where the Club has resumed over-the-two-board chess, but not many others have, or will, for a while and the return of League chess is still a long way off at the moment. So online chess still has a place and the Club has entered the League of Mayhem’s second Knockout tournament.

Not only entered, but successful! A win in the QF against Petts Wood & Orpington was full of the usual mayhem, but we came through, winning 2½-1½. Details and the three games played, via the link below.

It was subsequently decided, in the spirit of League of Mayhem, that we would prefer to discount the point gianed on a technicality – where the game wasn’t played – and treat that board as void. On the three games played, with the scores tied at 1½-1½, the tie-break (lower rated side) goes to Petts Wood & Orpington, who therefore progress to the next round.

Links: LoM Knockout 2

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