ChessFest and International Chess Day

Ben looked in on the ChessFest event in Trafalgar Square today and sent us a range of pictures – thank you, Ben. He comments: “You can spot Mickey and Gawain.” fourth picture below, GM Mickey Adams in the ChessFest t-shirt and “ChessKid” cap, GM Gawain Jones (centre) and IM Malcolm Pein, hard at work on his smart phone.

In the featured picture (above) you can make out, bottom left, people in “chess pieces fancy dress” for a live chess game depicted in the screen displays at the top of the picture.

Click on a picture below for enlargement, then click on the enlarged picture to load the next one, or use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons above that picture to view the slide show.

International Chess Day is on Tuesday 20 July.

You can read more about both these events via the links below.

Links: ChessFest | International Chess Day

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