Wolves win again

A headline not meant to suggest that the Wolves are on a roll, but a comment more in the nature of  “breathes again” of someone who has been holding their breath for a very long time. The Wolves’ only previous win in this competition was as long ago as Round 3.

By contrast with the bleak fortunes of the previous week’s 4-0 debacle against Hendon Harriers, this week’s rare success – 2½-1½ against Hackney Hopefuls – was a more composed performance, granted against one of the weakest teams we have met in this competition. Pick of the games is Matthias’s exhibition of “horse play”, which you can find on the LL Online page (link below).

The last round next week will be tougher test, with Hackney Happening.

Links: London Online League S2 D3

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  1. Thanks for the mention Ian (and the light notes on the game), I was pretty pleased with that play myself…!

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