Wolves saved from the dogs

Battersea Dogs 2-2 Wanstead Wolves

Round 9 of the London Online League on the Tornelo platform was beset by connection problems, which added to the issues Nigel had to deal with during the day surrounding a late substitute of Battersea’s Board 4, resulting in a board order change.

When the play got going, Battersea won the top two boards, but the Wolves were able to equalise by winning the bottom two, including a fine debut win by Sean Lightbown. A fuller report and all the games on the LOL page, link below.

More dogs(?) in the next fixture, Round 10, against “Battersea Too” on 11 August.

Links: LOL Round 9 on Tornelo

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  1. Thanks for the annotations! Annoyed that I threw the advantage away at a certain point but pleased to get the win.

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