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London Online League R10: Wanstead Wolves 3-1 Battersea Too

We used to think five-board National Club matches were perilous affairs (as they were), but these four-board matches can turn on their head with a single slip. Instance Board 1, which should have gone to Battersea, but ended up in our lap, as did the match.

Only two of the other games were played, Board 4 accruing to Wanstead’s account when the opponent didn’t show. Boards 2 and 3 were shared; one win each – Mark lost material to a discovery with check and David held his nerve in time shortage to demonstrate his passed pawn was a might stronger than Black’s.

Find a slightly fuller report and all the games on the LOL page, link below.

Last round is on 18 August against an unknown quantity, well out of London: Paisley in Scotland, in fact, on the south bank of the Clyde, opposite Glasgow. Skipper thinks the Wolves can finish on the podium – currently third.

Links: LOL Wanstead Wolves v Battersea Too | Round 10 on tornelo


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