London League return

For the first time in nearly two years, the Club once again played a match in the London League. Not quite as we know it, but London League OTB chess is back.

The League had to reinvent itself to cater for who was prepared to play where and at what cost. The upshot is that the League has split into two theatres: London League west is based at a venue in Hammersmith, known as Mindsports, while London League east, where the Wanstead team is playing is based at the former central venue, Citadines Hotel in Holborn. Teams were offered two competitions to enter in each, an eight board competition and a four board competition. Wanstead entered one team in the eight board LL east and is playing in Division 2.

The first match for Wanstead, however, was against Cavendish 3 who play at their own venue in Millman Street. The opening match was a very close affair in which the Club, below full strength, lost by the the smallest margin.

It will be a wait now before we have a chance to right the reverse against Cavendish as the next fixture is not until 2 February when we play East Ham. We have two fixtures in February, two in March and three in May. For details follow the link below.

Link: London League east

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