Blitz Championship 2021-22

The Club Blitz Championship, in play this evening, has atrracted 24 entries and is once again witnessing keen competition.

Four rounds out of six have been completed and you can open the latest Cross Table via the link below. You can also follow results as they are added via the Vega Tournament pages – again, link below. You will need to periodically give your browser a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 on a Windows PC) to ensure you are seeing the latest data.

After the final round, in which Istvan defeated John Cawdery, there is a tie for first place between John Cawdery and Istvan Karacsony on 5/6. The Blitz Champion is decided by tie-break. The first tie-break is Sum of Progressive Scores and on this, the Blitz Champion is John Cawdery (SoPS = 20), while Istvan’s SoPS is 18. Very well played by both. Full scores are in the R6 Cross Table, linked below.

Link: R6 Xtable | Vega Tournament pages

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