A Christmas cracker

The “Club evening that wasn’t” turned into a Christmas Cracker to remember. Originally, Wanstead House was not going to be open on this last Tuesday before Christmas, but reversal of this decision allowed one more Club evening for which, of course, nothing had been planned. A perfect opportunity to generate more Blitz results for members to add to their new ECF Blitz ratings by holding a Christmas Blitz.

And very popular it was! There were 28 entries, including three invited guests, for whom 9 rounds at G4+2 provided an excellent format.

Guests Colin Ramage from Barking, Robin Oakley from Chingford and one-time Club member, now from Coventry, Dave Filer, helped make a festive evening. In addition to club night regulars, we had the most welcome return of David Spearman and a cross-section of Junior Club.

Bolstered by Ashley’s mince pies – thank you, Ashley – the assembled company produced a pulsating evening of Blitz chess; a veritable Christmas Cracker!

Cross table and full report, follow the link below.

Links: Xmas Blitz page | Vega pairings & results

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