Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 2 [of 5]

The second event in this Season’s Handicap Blitz Grand Prix was played this evening.

1st Kyan Bui, 6/7;

=2nd David Spearman, David Sands, 5½.

24 players

David Sands leads the Grand Prix on 11 points, ahead of Kyan Bui and David Spearman on 10½.

It was good to see former member and multiple Club Champion, Alan Marshall,  once again playing an evening’s chess. Alan’s regular Tuesday Spanish class at Wanstead House had been cancelled this evening, so, at a loose end, he looked in at the Chess Club and found himself enrolled in the melee of the Handicap Blitz! Alan acquitted himself well, having given up the game a long, long, time ago and seemed to have lost little of his sure-footed, trenchant, positional style. He lost only one game, against Terry Whitton, and afterwards commented that it was Terry’s speed of play that threw him. In his day, Alan was regularly graded in the 190s and is one of the few players to have won the Club Championship with a 100% score when, as now, we had 9 rounds.

Link: HBGP 2 | Grand Prix table

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