Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 2 – 3 December 2019

Next up is the 1st Tuesday of the Month “all Club” event, taking place this Tuesday, 3rd December, in the Club Room, at 7:30pm.

Please ensure you arrive by 7:25pm to pay your entry fee (and Board Fee) and to ensure that you are included in the first round draw.

Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 2

This free-standing competition involves a time adjustment to handicap the stronger player and advantage the weaker player. Players of equivalent class compete on equal terms. The greater the differential the greater the time handicap/advantage. No increments in this event.

Whilst a free-standing event in its own right, it is also the second of the 2019-20 Handicap Blitz Grand Prix. Each game has a total of 16 minutes on the clocks. The core time of 8 minutes for each player is adjusted up or down according for the difference in playing class. Each player will be assigned to a grading group, numbered 1-6. The difference between the players’ grading group numbers being the time, in minutes, that is added or subtracted to the core time. If you played in the first event you know your group. As usual, we will be playing seven rounds.

The Grand Prix itself comprises five events over the season, with points aggregated over the series to find the Grand Prix winner, but each event can be taken separately and has its own prize fund, so members need not play in every event.

You can find all the information you need via the link below.

A reminder that if both clocks show 0.00, the loser will be the first player to have used up all their time as evidenced by the presence of the black flag on the clock display (subject to the usual proviso of having sufficient mating material).

Entries to (Email link:) Mark Murrell please as soon as possible please.

 Please register your intent to play so that the pairing software can be populated with player records (including your playing group) in advance to save time on the night.

£1 entry fee in addition to the usual board fee payable on the night.

NB Social chess for non participants will be in Manor room next door to the club room.

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