Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 1 – 5 November

Make your own fireworks in the next ‘1st Tuesday’ event, taking place this Tuesday, 5th November, in the Club Room, at 7:30pm.

Please ensure you arrive by 7:25pm to confirm your entry by paying your entry fee. Round 1 will start at 7.30 pm.

The Handicap Blitz Grand Prix involves a time handicap, giving the stronger player less time and the weaker player more time. Each game has a core time of 8 minutes on each clock. Players are placed in one of six grading groups. In each game, the difference in the players’ respective grading groups, in minutes, is deducted from the stronger player’s clock and added to the weaker player’s clock. The are no time increments per move, so each game lasts a maximum of 16 minutes.

The Grand Prix runs over five tournaments, but each tournament is a free standing event in its own right with its own prize fund, so Members can enter as many or as few as they wish.

You can find all the information you need from the link below.

Please register your intent to play so that the pairing software can be populated with player records in advance to save time on the night. £1 entry fee in addition to the usual board fee payable on the night.

We now have a Handicap Blitz Grand Prix trophy.

To register your entry email Mark Murrell via this email link: Enter me for HBGP1 – 5 November

During the evening, pairings and results will be broadcast live on the website. The link to the tournament pages is in the QuickLinks panel to the right of this page, where it says “HBGP 1 (no template”). In the Tournament pages, the column headed “Origin” shows each player’s Grading Group.

The other events in the series will be: HBGP2: 3 Dec; HBGP3: 4 Feb; HBGP4: 3 Mar; HBGP5: 7 Apr. The “first of the month” event in January is the Club Blitz Championship, which is a separate event outside of the Grand Prix (no handicap!).

Link: Handicap Grand Prix

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